Executive Transitions
Executive Transitions

The Executive Transitions program  works to strengthen democratic governance through improving knowledge and capacity as it relates to executive transitions. Through this unique program, NDI works directly with executive branch officials during pre-and post-election periods to support a smooth transfer of leadership power between outgoing and incoming administrations. Specifically, NDI provides executive transition guidance by:

  • Supporting transition teams on preparing for an effective handover by helping them plan for political appointments, communicating leader priorities to the public, and staffing the executive office

  • Working with civil service staff to prepare documents and handover notes to ensure readiness for a leader-elect upon assuming office; preserving archives, assets, and records that maintain institutional memory, continuity, and capacity as outgoing officials leave government

  • Guiding new executives and their leadership staff on effective executive office infrastructure, staffing, chain of command, workflow, and strategic plans

  • Working with executive communications staff to develop sound internal and external communications infrastructures and strategies

  • Supporting policymakers on the development of legal frameworks codifying transition resources, timelines, and protocols 

NDI has held multiple international gatherings to develop consensus on regional and international norms for effective leadership transitions. The institute also developed a website resource center with a global library of transition good practices from across international contexts, and a comprehensive global toolkit focused on transition mechanics across political contexts. NDI has also developed a global transitions community of practice composed of former officials, who provide peer guidance and support to newly elected leaders and their staff on mechanisms for smooth transitions. The community of practice also includes a subset Chiefs of Staff network, which offers direct guidance by and for current and former political chiefs of staff and senior advisors.

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