Ethics and Compliance

NDI’s mission is to work to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government. In serving this mission, NDI is committed to accountable, responsible and ethical conduct. NDI expects its staff and those with whom NDI works to operate in an honest, responsible and ethical manner.

Ethical Conduct

NDI staff members, subgrantees, contractors and partners must conduct themselves with integrity at all times. NDI has specific ethical conduct expectations and guidelines that must be followed and are communicated to all staff members, partners and contractors. Employees must refrain from any illegal, dishonest or unethical conduct and conduct themselves in a manner which protects the interests and safety of other employees, as well as NDI’s partners, program participants and donors. NDI expects each individual to use good judgement based on high ethical principles. Employees and those with whom NDI works should participate in training, seek guidance, be familiar with policies and laws and report any unethical behavior.

NDI’s contractors and subgrantees must disclose any past, present or future relationships with any parties at NDI at the time of submission of a funding application or proposal.  Failure to do so may be grounds for re-evaluation or termination of any agreement.

Prohibitions on Abuse & Human Trafficking

NDI employees must never be party to abuse, corruption or sexual exploitation of any individual. NDI employees are prohibited from engaging in the following: trafficking in persons (as defined by US law), procurement of commercial sex acts, engagement in any form of illegal sex trade activity or any use of forced labor. Failure to comply with this provision will result in disciplinary action, which may include termination and, if warranted, legal action. In accordance with USAID requirements, NDI has a compliance plan to prevent trafficking in persons. See here for NDI's certification of this plan.

Reporting Mechanism

Suspected wrongdoing within the organization or with any parties with which NDI contracts must be reported. NDI makes every reasonable effort to prevent or detect and correct improper activities; encourages employees to report suspected wrongdoing; and protects individuals who make good-faith reports of suspected wrongdoing from retaliation. NDI provides several avenues for reporting suspected illegal or unethical conduct, including through NDI’s legal department ([email protected]) or through NDI’s anonymous whistleblower hotline at or toll free in the US at 844-450-0004 or internationally at 800-603-2869.

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