Members of the “Families Friends of Peace” network raise a Central African flag in Maïgoro to symbolize the restoration of the country in a spirit of humanity, friendship, and group effort. Photo credit: Igor Itaya.


New, intersectional threats to democracy require creative and integrated responses. The Peace, Climate and Democratic Resilience (PCDR) team focuses on developing innovative programming to address one or more of the following threats: violent conflict, climate change, and illiberal influences. The team’s mandate includes: developing institutional frameworks and principles to guide the Institute’s strategic response to these complex challenges that erode democracy around the world; facilitating cross-pollination across NDI’s regional and functional programs; and, building the capacity of NDI in-country offices and partners to address these threats.

Through a mixture of research, practical tools, and convenings, the PCDR team works on cross-cutting themes to support democratic resilience in civil societies around the world. Recent programs include: improving institutional Do No Harm guidance to ensure that NDI’s programs consider risk and reduce the chance of potential negative impacts of any interventions; supporting peaceful democratic transitions by increasing inclusion of women and marginalized communities in peace processes; advancing environmental governance through governance reform and accountability mechanisms; and shining the light on illiberal influences through research and capacity building.


Environmental Governance And Resilience



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