Members of the “Families Friends of Peace” network raise a Central African flag in Maïgoro to symbolize the restoration of the country in a spirit of humanity, friendship, and group effort. Photo credit: Igor Itaya.
Peace, Security and Democratic Resilience
Peace, Security and Democratic Resilience


Cooperation, inclusion, and nonviolence lie at the heart of democracy. While conflict is present in all societies, resilient democracies are capable of managing conflict in peaceful ways. Democracies provide forums, such as public townhalls, parliamentary sessions, and public debates, to negotiate solutions to political and social disagreements. They create channels for citizens to demand change through political action -- such as advocacy, policy development, and political negotiation -- rather than violence, and they provide a space for political actors to compete without resorting to violence. When individuals and political systems fail to resolve disputes through peaceful, democratic means, the alternative results in fractured communities and institutions, citizens’ political exclusion, and devastating violence. NDI supports peaceful politics by bridging divisions, strengthening connections across society, and ensuring the inclusion of diverse groups, including those of women, youth, and marginalized minorities, in political life. In conflict-affected societies, NDI convenes political and civic leaders and activists across divisions to strengthen their commitment to peaceful politics, build mutual trust, discover shared interests, and cooperate in service of citizen needs and priorities. By supporting local partners in strengthening political institutions and electoral processes that can peacefully manage political conflicts, NDI helps lay the foundation for sustainable, resilient democracy. For over three decades, NDI has supported democratic activists to build peaceful democratic systems in some of the most challenging places in the world, including Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Northern Ireland, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and the Northern Triangle in Central America.

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