Information Integrity in Kosovo: A Podcast Discussion

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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NDI Kosovo has worked to reinforce and safeguard democracy in the Kosovo region by directly combating misinformation and how it impacts the international sphere. This podcast explores the steps that can be taken to safeguard civil society against the instability that comes with fake news. 

NDI Kosovo is countering the rising threat of disinformation and the lack of media literacy skills in Kosovo and Western Balkan countries through a podcast series that fosters online discourse on the importance of Information Integrity and methods that can secure the information sphere. In 2022, over the course of three months, NDI tackled a range of topics, from information disorders to digital democracy, the impact of misogyny and sexism as a tool of violence against women in politics, the prevalence of foreign influences, the impact of the lack of information integrity on inter-ethnic tensions in Kosovo, to the role of journalists in the Information war, especially in regards to the war in Ukraine. 

Through these episodes, NDI Kosovo engaged various stakeholders to establish an online conversation on the Information Integrity environment and further efforts to promote media literacy and combat information disorders in Kosovo.

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