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Over the past seven years, Moldovans have elected successive coalition governments that  have pursued some democratic reforms and a closer relationship with Europe. However, corruption and a struggling economy have eroded public confidence that political processes and institutions will effectively address the needs of the Moldovan citizenry.

NDI has responded to requests from democratic party and civic activists at the local level, where directly elected councillors and mayors are more familiar with citizen concerns. Program activities focus on training activists to communicate regularly about the process and substance of policy initiatives that address citizen concerns. NDI is also assisting multi-party networks of elected local  officials in advocacy initiatives with national leaders. These grassroots advocacy efforts draw attention to problems shared by different  municipalities and promote transparency, citizen input and accountability. NDI has also supported nonpartisan groups in promoting the integrity of elections through monitoring and advised youth initiatives on solving community problems and increasing the turnout of young voters. In addition, NDI is integrating into all programs an effort to address the underrepresentation of women in Moldovan political life.

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