Saturday, August 25, 2018

Washington, DC - John McCain was a patriot, war hero, and giant of the United States Senate. He was also one of the world’s most vocal and effective champions of human rights and democracy. As Chairman of the National Democratic Institute, it was my privilege to work closely with him in his capacity as Chairman of the International Republican Institute to support democratic movements in every region of the world. He embodied American values, serving and sacrificing to protect liberty and to help freedom flourish. He was also a great believer in bipartisanship who understood that our country is stronger when Republicans and Democrats work together to advance America’s interests and defend the fundamental principles that protect the rights of all citizens.

Wherever I traveled, I saw first-hand how his words and actions motivated democracy’s advocates, while instilling fear in tyrants across the globe. I have not known anyone with greater courage, stronger convictions, or more devotion to country than John McCain. He will be missed, but his legacy will live on wherever democracy is defended, human rights are protected, and American leadership is exerted in defense of universal values.



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