Nepal Policy Review Seven - Dalit Political Representation

Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Within Nepal’s nascent federal system, introduced in 2015, it has become increasingly vital to inform policymakers at all levels of government about critical and developing issues. As such, NDI, with support from USAID, developed the Policy Review journal to communicate policy analysis and information on a range of issues to partners and stakeholders involved in policy making, as well as to citizens at large. With contributors from Nepali academia, media outlets and activist groups, the Policy Review has covered emerging policy topics such as the implementation of federalism, women’s representation, opportunities for youth and social inclusion.

Through this publication, NDI aims to gather and disseminate a broad array of perspectives from Nepali civil society on critical policy areas. NDI hopes that these editions will then strengthen responsiveness to citizen needs, including those of marginalized groups, at each level of Nepal’s government.


Nepal review seven
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