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NDI workshop on political and institutional reforms for Alger peace and reconciliation agreements.


Since 1996, NDI has provided technical assistance to partners in Mali to increase citizen voice and responsibility; advance electoral, political, and institutional processes and reform; and improve voter education, domestic election observation, legislative oversight, inter-party dialogue, and women’s political participation. The 2020 legislative elections were a significant milestone for the country as Malians elected a record 41 women to the National Assembly, many of whom NDI supported through technical assistance and tailored coaching. The 2020 political upheaval that followed those polls, however, has redefined Mali’s political and electoral landscape. The coups in 2020 and 2021 led to a lengthy and ongoing transition marked by electoral and institutional reforms including the adoption of a new constitution by referendum in June 2023.

The Institute’s programs have supported broad public participation in electoral and institutional reforms, provided technical assistance and built capacity for inclusive decision-making, and enhanced women’s participation in politics and governance. NDI recently carried out a local governance program to enhance citizen participation and local government accountability by building the capacity of grass-roots organizations to engage local governments, and the capacity of local officials to work inclusively with citizen advocates to solve problems. Currently, the Institute provides technical assistance to Malian civil society, including domestic observation groups, women’s organizations, media, and political parties, to enhance citizen engagement and transparency in Malian elections and reform processes. NDI and its 12 local partners and additional partner radios promote informed citizen participation and inclusion in the ongoing reform and electoral processes; strengthen public confidence in upcoming elections by supporting credible, nonpartisan domestic organizations to effectively monitor the entire electoral process and to advocate for key elections and political processes; support civil society and political parties to increase women’s leadership and political participation, in keeping with the 2015 Gender Law; and support political parties to contribute to a peaceful electoral process.

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