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NDI promoted democratic governance in Somalia through its partnerships with transitional and federal government institutions from 2005 to 2015.  During this time, the Institute worked with the offices of the president, prime minister and speaker of parliament; with political and administrative heads of more than 30 ministries; and with nearly 400 members of parliament to enhance their governing abilities.  NDI  has worked to strengthen the former transitional federal government (TFG), transitional federal parliament (TFP) and the Puntland regional administration as well as independent institutions such as the Independent Federal Constitutional Commission. Following the 2012 appointment of the first permanent government in over two decades, the Institute began supporting the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) to fulfill their political, legislative and administrative functions as well as their internal capacities for policy development, outreach and oversight. NDI programs included legislative and executive strengthening, civic education and public opinion research to aggregate Somali views on constitutional and political processes. Although NDI does not have a current office in Somalia, the Institute provides ongoing technical assistance to the Somali Women Parliamentary Association (SOWPA) to enhance their capacity to be effective legislators



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