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NDI’s work in Guinea began in 1998, when the Institute first trained political party pollwatchers and conducted voter education prior to the presidential election of that year. Since Guinea began its democratic transition following a military coup in 2008, NDI has supported dialogue among political parties and the peaceful conduct of elections. NDI has worked to foster dialogue among political parties at all stages of the electoral process and in between elections. The Institute has supported more than 100 political parties to make commitments to a fair and peaceful electoral process through a Code of Conduct and has supported monitoring committees for adherence to the code’s principles. For the 2010, 2015, and 2020 presidential elections, as well as the 2013 legislative elections, NDI assisted political parties in training and deploying party pollwatchers and nonpartisan election observers. The Institute has also helped strengthen the capacities of Guinean civil society organizations to monitor elections, supporting CoCEG, a citizen election observation coalition, in observing the October 2020 presidential election, and subsequently in monitoring local governance and the delivery of public services. Through its efforts, NDI has worked to enhance the credibility of electoral processes and the acceptance of results in Guinea’s highly contentious political climate. Throughout its programming, NDI supports the political participation of marginalized groups. Women continue to be severely underrepresented in all spheres of Guinea’s public life. NDI has trained women candidates for political office and supports bringing more women into political parties, government and civil society in leadership positions. The Institute has also worked with youth leaders and young candidates to build their leadership and campaign skills. 

Following the September 5, 2021 coup d’etat in Guinea, NDI and its partners are evaluating how best to support a democratic transition.

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